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The Truth about Nutrient Timing

Posted On Oct 17, 2017

Nutrient timing is a long-debated topic, with very valid arguments and studies to back up the benefits but its importance to...

Top 5 DMHA Pre-Workouts!

Posted On Oct 10, 2017

And so the time has come, the reign of DMHA, DMBA and all of its derivatives have come to a close, with the official, class 10...

So What’s the Deal with Essential Amino Acids?

Posted On Sep 22, 2017

Essential amino acids (EAAs) as the name suggests are essential for health and function. Being essential means that the body...

Muscle Protein Synthesis - What actually is it?

Posted On Sep 14, 2017

Muscle protein synthesis is a term that has become more and more common among everyday lifters. It’s a term that is widely...

RULE1 R1 Protein Review

Posted On Sep 7, 2017

It has finally landed, Rule1’s highly anticipated R1-Protein, one of the most popular protein supplements to hit the market....

What are good carbs?

Posted On Sep 1, 2017

The recent dieting trends have seen carbohydrates aggressively vilified as the macronutrient responsible for poor health states...

Keto Diets & all that Jazz - Our thoughts

Posted On Aug 24, 2017

The Ketogenic diet has been around for a long time, but has currently re-surfaced as the best ‘new’ diet for fat loss. It...

Should I be Cutting or Bulking?

Posted On Aug 18, 2017

Cut or bulk? The age long question that is so much harder to decide on than most would expect. The goal more often than not for...

Am I getting what I need from my Multi?

Posted On Aug 9, 2017

Multi-Vitamins are the most commonly utilised health supplements in both the health and fitness industry and the general...

Do you really NEED to load Creatine?

Posted On Aug 1, 2017

Loading creatine. It’s a protocol that has been preached for years, but is it really necessary? It is often stated that, when...