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ATP Science INFRARED + VEGAN AMINOS + NOWAY Pre Intra and Post Stack

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ATP Science INFRARED + VEGAN AMINOS + NOWAY Pre Intra and Post Stack

The Pre, intra and Post-workout triple threat. If there was one way to maximise your workout, this would be it.


Utilising the Infrared pre workout will allow better muscle activation, contraction, endurance and overall performance. It will supply electrolytes and amino acids that are needed to perform at your peak levels for all types of training.

The Vegan Aminos serve as the perfect Intra-workout that will not only support muscle hydration and recovery, but also increase performance, nutrient uptake and prevent catabolism during those long, hard and heavy training sessions.

To finish it off, we have Noway. The perfect Post workout protein. Providing a great spectrum of amino acids with an extremely fast uptake into the muscles after training will allow for enhanced muscle growth and fat loss potential while strongly supporting overall recovery. This will allow you to come back stronger in your next session as your body has been given all it needs to optimally recover. 

ATP Science Infrared Pre Workout

InfraRed NRG is used as a stimulant free pre-workout and intra-workout fuel or post-workout reload. Infrared contains high quality synergistic amino acids and electrolytes combined with Schisandra berries in a beetroot extract base. Infrared NRG contains approximately 25g of carbohydrate per serve to fuel activity. 


Directions for use:

As a pre-workout: One serve in water before training or competing.

As an intra-workout: One or more serves diluted in water to be consumed during training or an event.

As a post-workout for electrolyte and carb replenishment: Mix one or two serves in water and consume within 20 minutes after training or competing.

Post-weigh in for fighters: add one scoop per 2 cups of water and consume.

Pre-WOD: One serve added to water and consumed at least ½ hour before WOD.

CrossFit events: One serve in water consumed half hour before heat. Use half serve before and after each consecutive heat throughout the day.


ATP Science Vegan Essential Amino Acids

Everyone requires the 9 essential amino acids. These are; histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. We cannot convert or synthesize these on our own, they must come from our diet.

Why would you not take Vegan Essential Aminos? 

These amino acids are exactly the same, they are just made more ethically with more transparency and they are cleaner.

Initially, we saw a problem in the types of protein, amino acid requirement and the amino acids available for those choosing to live a vegan lifestyle. This is especially true in those that also train hard and are eating for sporting performance or for body shaping and physique goals.

Whilst trying to find a solution to the problem within the vegan community, we discovered that the existing amino acid industry may have its own problems that the vegans can fix. The learning experience went both ways and the final product was inspired by vegan requirements, the vegan code of ethics and environmental ideals, but the end result is something we can all use and benefit from. The amino acids themselves are exactly the same. It is just the starting material and other steps that vary between the vegan aminos and non-vegan aminos.

Aminos are not typically extracted from plants. It is too expensive and too low yield with too much burden on the environment and potential GMO infiltration. Instead, vegan essential aminos are made through fermentation of sugars from plants; the sugars are NON-GMO and the microbes involved are also non-GMO. This is how our intestinal microbiome makes amino acids for us and them in our normal digestive process. So that is actually common sense and nice and clean with very low environmental impact.

How are aminos made?

This project has taken us over a year to complete because finding vegan essential aminos from a vegan source was extremely difficult. Many amino acids are simply not available in vegan form. We started asking what they actually are whilst also demanding the flow charts and declarations of starting material; and it is kind of really gross and horrible and not something we wanted to put our name to. They are sometimes extracted from animal products as they can get a much higher yield from a very cheap starting material that doesn’t rot easily. Unlike the vegan starting material being plants.

To make things even harder, when we did finally find a non-animal source of amino acid we then discovered it was made from the fermentation of sugar by bugs but GMO sources of everything; GMO corn or wheat sugar fermented by GMO mould to excrete an amino acid. ATP Science does NOT do GMO. So, getting NON-GMO Vegan Essential aminos was the goal to provide a solution to the vegan problem.

However, regardless of your omnivore/herbivore status, these aminos we have sourced for our Vegan Essential Aminos are the nicest, cleanest and most transparent ones on the market.

What is Astrigin® and why did we add it? 

Astragin® is a combination of ginseng and astragalus, it aids the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients. It is a modern innovation that follows some ancient traditions. 

AstraGin® has shown in over a dozen in-vitro studies to improve the absorption of amino acids, peptides, fatty acids, folate, glucosamine and other nutrients in Caco-2 cell, the gold standard used by drug companies to study the absorption of new drugs.


ATP Science 100% NoWay HCP Protein

If you love ATP Science products then you're going to love their new hydrolysed collagen protein! Two awesome flavours and all natural, gluten free, dairy free, and artificial free. 

How is NoWay is different?

In a study researching the benefits of whey protein, collagen peptides (Body Balance) and placebo, individuals consumed either 15g of Body Balance (found in NoWay), whey protein or placebo within their allocated protein consumption for the day and were then tested for muscle mass, fat loss and circumference.

Users of BodyBalance Collagen Peptides found in NoWay experienced:

  • Greater lean tissue growth
  • Greater fat mass loss
  • Greater waist circumference loss

Utilising a specific combination of hydrolysed partially digested bovine collagen peptides, BodyBalance is made using a unique process combining specific acids and enzymes designed to enhance the efficacy and bioavailability of collagen protein.

With confirmed testing on the activity of specific peptides, BodyBalance has been shown to both stimulate mTOR (muscle growth) as well as AMPK (fat loss). Are these not the goals of every trainer on the planet? Build muscle and lose fat!

Perhaps the most impressive thing about NoWay is its combined performance in both its bioavailability and bioefficacy after consumption as it appears to bypass the standardised digestion process other complete proteins such as whey protein go through. Your body can absorb it straight away! This is why NoWay is so unique.

NoWay protein has been designed to mitigate the potential negative effects of the digestive process, bypassing degradation and increasing the ability of the body to stimulate muscle growth, lose fat and improve overall health regardless of whether adequate protein intake is consumed or not.

NoWay contains no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, is completely artificial free and has been designed to optimise fat loss, increase muscle growth and improve digestive health.

Mix 1 heaped scoop in 250ml of cold water in a shaker.


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