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ATP Science Vegan Essential Amino Acids

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ATP Science Vegan Essential Amino Acids

What are Vegan Essential Aminos?

ATP’s new Vegan Essential Amino Acids are the newest addition to the already brilliant ATP range! Essential Amino Acids, or EAA’s, are the 9 essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by our body, and therefore must be consumed through your diet. A lot of amino acids can be sourced from cheap origins, sometimes that of which are not so pleasant to talk about… Even a lot of ‘plant based’ amino acids are made through the fermentation of sugars from GMO corn and wheat, not an ideal source! This is where ATP have made a difference, putting in the time effort and money to create an EAA product that is non-GMO, has minimal environmental impact and provides a very transparent, nice, clean and well dosed EAA supplement that is ideal for ALL users, not just Vegans.


What is the Ingredient Breakdown/ benefits?

- L-Leucine: Main Stimulator of mTor, prevents muscle breakdown.
- Isoleucine: Prevents muscle breakdown and increases glucose uptake & use.
- Valine: Essential for energy conversion. Supports metabolic pathways of Leucine.
- L-Lysine: Construction of muscle protein, synthesis of collagen, skin, cartilage & tendons. Aids in recovery & injury prevention.
- L-Threonine: Necessary for the synthesis of proteins in the body.
- L-Phenylalanine: Vital for Central Nervous System function & production of neurotransmitters
- L-Tryptophan: Precursor to Serotonin. Important for cognition, behaviour, mood and brain function.
- L-Histidine: Cognitive function & wakefulness. Development & maintenance of nerve cell components.
- L-Methionine: Assists in fat digestion. Precursor to powerful antioxidants that defend against free radicals and oxidative stress.
- L-Glutamine: Aids in skeletal muscle recovery and improves gut function
- L-Taurine: Aids in heart and liver function
- L-Hydroxyproline: Aids with collagen synthesis

ATP have also gone further again with the nice addition of AstraGin, which is a simple combination of Ginseng and Astragalus, which will aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. This means an increase absorption rate of all the amino acids provided in the EAA


When do I take Vegan Essential Aminos?

Vegan Essential Aminos are perfect for timing around or during your exercise activities! This will help increase the body’s ability to recover, rejuvenate and prepare for the next workout. Vegan EAA can be taken between meals to help increase muscle protein synthesis and enhance recovery between sessions.


Muscle Coach’s Personal Thoughts?

Overall ATP have created an EAA that is ideally suited for people of all training and nutrition types. Not only is it Vegan friendly, Non-GMO, naturally sweetened and flavoured while providing more than most EAA products do. It is ethically and transparently sourced, meaning we know that quality of product you are putting in your body is nothing but the best. We absolutely love it!


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