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Cyborg Sport Melt Advanced Plus Energy

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Their best fat loss accelerator yet, Cyborg Sport’s Melt Advanced + Energy contains the key ingredients of Melt Advanced that have been found to produce significant results in fat loss and improving overall heath. Cyborg Sports’ specific patented extractions of the active ingredients are only available within Melt Advanced’s formula, and combined with the extra energy boosting properties found in Caffeine, Infinergy and Taurine, Melt Advanced + Energy will help you burn fat faster, stay hydrated for longer and feel more energised throughout the day!

Ingredient 1: CQR-300

In 2005, researchers at the University of Oxford, showed, in vitro, that CQR-300™ has lipase inhibition, - amylase inhibition, -glucosidase inhibition and trypsin inhibition. This prompted the first ever human clinical trial for weight loss, cardiovascular health and diabetes health to be conducted with CQR-300™. The results were outstanding – CQR-300™ reduced body weight (10.6 lbs), reduced LDL cholesterol (29%) and triglycerides (22%), increased HDL cholesterol levels (21%), reduced fasting blood sugar levels (15%) and increased lean muscle mass all in 6 weeks. Subsequently, two more human clinical trials we conducted on CQR-300™ involving a total of 279 patients. Once again the results were outstanding in parameters involving weight loss (19 lbs), total cholesterol reduction (26.7%) and blood sugar reduction (14.9%) in the 10 week study.

Ingredient 2: IGOB131

In one 10-week double blind study, 102 overweight subjects received either 150mg capsules of IGOB131 extract or placebo, twice daily before meals. At the end of 10 weeks, the IGOB131TM group lost an average of 28 pounds, 6.7 inches from their waistline and reduced body fat by 18.4%. Also serum chemistry changes demonstrated IGOB131TM patients reduced total cholesterol by 26%, LDL cholesterol by 27%, fasting blood glucose levels by 32% and serum CRP levels by 52%.

Ingredient 3: Dyglomera DYG-400

In an 8-week double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 318 obese (BMI 30-40) subjects received 200mg capsules of either DyglomeraTM or placebo before lunch and dinner. At the end of the 8 weeks, the DyglomeraTM group lost an average of 24.53lbs, reduced body fat, waist and hip circumference by 10.68, 10.23% and 7.10% respectively.

Furthermore reductions in inflammatory markers CRP and PAI-1 were reduced by 17.6%, and 39. 61% resulting in lower blood glucose and insulin amounts by 27.67% and 10.38%; which translated in a reduction of 35.11% in HOMA-IR scores

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