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Cyborg Sport Rocket Fuel Intraworkout Carbs

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Cyborg Sport Rocket Fuel


Rocket Fuel is the #1 sports performance carb on the market. If you are serious about performing at your peak and recovering at optimal speed you must train with Rocket Fuel.

  • Quickly hyper-loads muscle tissue with glycogen to support performance, endurance, and recovery
  • Mixes quickly and completely dissolves

Power your workout AND your recovery

Rocket Fuel is a unique carbohydrate product that utilizes specialised sports specific carbs for increased athletic performance. This high tech carbohydrate moves through the stomach faster than dextrose or sugar whilst pumping water and other nutrients and supplements along with it.

What is Osmolality?

Osmolality of a carbohydrate sports drink is important as it is a measure of whether your stomach will need to draw more water in to process the contents or whether the carbs can be quickly pushed out and used in the body.  Rocket Fuel is a low osmolality low DE high molecular weight agglomorated maltodextrin.  What's that mean? It means that Rocket Fuel has almost no taste, has very high solubility in liquid, and will be pumped through your gut to be utilized as fuel very quickly.

How it feels to use Rocket Fuel

Let's face it, carbohydrates are not a sexy supplement.  It's much more exciting to look into your next pre-workout or amino acid however once you try Rocket Fuel you will never look back.  Imagine finishing your workout and feeling like you could do the entire session again - that is the power of Rocket Fuel.  This is not a stimulant it is real energy at your disposal.  More fuel in your tank equals more energy, more reps, more power, and a better workout.  What's more, Rocket Fuel will aid in your recovery by restoring glycogen levels faster than any other carb.

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