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38 Products

Fat Burners are products that contain a proprietary blend of both stimulatory and herbal based ingredients, carefully formulated and combined together to support weight loss in multiple ways. There are a variety of different fat burning products and each of them has slight variations on each other. However there are a number of primary benefits that you will notice from almost all fat burning products.

Increased Energy: The energy component is probably the most varied aspect of fat burning products. Some products have a very high concentration of herbal extracts to greatly increased energy levels. Other fat burning products have very minimum energy components for people that do not like to take stimulant ingredients.

Increased Metabolism: The main way that you metabolism is increased by these products is by raising your core body temperature. You will notice this effect even without actually training but of course you will especially notice it during intense workout. The elevation of body temperature has the effect of burning more calories during training sessions and all throughout the day.

Improved Fat Burning: Of course all benefits of these products is to improve fat burning but specifically they contain ingredients like carnitine that actually make it easier for your body to transport fats into your cells to be used as energy.

If your goal is fat burning, then taking a fat burning supplement will help to maximise the results you get from your training effort.