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5 Products

Glutamine accounts for up to 60% of the free form amino acids in your skeletal muscle. Working out strenuously can make the glutamine levels in your body drop dramatically. It is essential for optimal repair and recovery that there are adequate levels of Glutamine present within your body. This makes the process of replenishing your Glutamine stores essential if you are looking to add muscle mass. Using a Glutamine supplement is the best way to insure that you are adequately restoring your glutamine levels.

It is also advantageous to take a Glutamine supplement pre-workout. Using a glutamine supplement pre-workout will ensure that throughout your workout you have a greater than usual glutamine level within your body, which can inhibit muscle degradation, meaning that you will retain more muscle. Greater muscle retention can be beneficial two fold. It will mean that you will be able to hold to more muscle while you are on a diet trying to tone up, but it will also mean the stimulation of more muscular gains.  Making it a useful supplement for any trainee at any stage of their fitness journey. 

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