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Gorilla Warfare Silverback Pre Workout

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Gorilla Warfare Silverback Pre Workout

Siverback is a hardcore pre-workout with strong level of natural caffeine and significant doses of proven amino acids if a fully open label formulation.


  • Gives a smooth, longer lasting energy boost to help keep you energised and focused for your entire workout.
  • The formulation is open-label so you know exactly what you’re getting and the research and results on all the ingredients are proven.
  • Fantastic energy and pumps as well as Creatine, HMB, and Beta-Alanine building up in your body for more power, reps, recovery, and lean muscle. Using for at least 12 weeks for best results.

Key Features: 

350mg natural caffeine from “GTE – Green Tea Energy”.

  • This is equivalent to approximately 5.5 shots of coffee or over 4 redbulls. The natural form of caffeine is much smoother than synthetic – it takes longer to come on – about 30 minutes, lasts longer, and drops off slower, with no crash! 

2.5g GlycerPump™ -

  • 65% glycerol powder and one of the hottest selling pump ingredients in the world today. Glycerol causes muscles to draw in more water resulting in a hyperhydration and massive pumps.

5g Creatine - 

  • The International Society of Sports Nutrition proposes that Creatine is the most effective ergogenic nutritional supplement currently available to athletes for increasing high-intensity exercise capacity and lean body mass.
  • It's safe for short term and long term u sage.
  • 5g dosage is sufficient to both build and maintain enhanced creatine saturation in the muscle

2.5g Beta Alanine -

  • Acts as an intracellular pH buffer,
  • Improve exercise performance 
  • Lowers fatigue

2.5g HMB

  • The International Society of Sports Nutrition's stand on HMB:
    • Enhances recovery for both trained and untrained people
    • Best consumed around time of workout
    • Increases lean body mass and decreases fat mass
  • More studies:
    • Increases IGF-1 and Growth Hormone
    • Makes athletes slimmer, fitter, and faster

Who should use it: 

  • Any athlete aiming for more strength, more reps, and better recovery.
  • Anyone who loves a strong but smooth energy hit 
  • Anyone who loves a massive pump

How to use it:

Start with half a scoop 30 minutes pre-workout to test tolerance to the caffeine. If well tolerated, increase to 1 full scoop. For best results use daily for 12 weeks. On non-workout days the dose can be split into two for lower caffeine hit.


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