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2 Products

Joint support is an area of supplement nutrition that people tend to over-look, even when they have an injury. Joint support supplements are not a new thing, they are up there with the most widely used supplements in the world, just not so much so in the sports supplements world. Joint support supplements will make a difference to your body's ability to recovery from joint damage whether that is cause by joint inflammation, tendon damage and/or cartilage damage.

Here is a general guideline to what you should be looking for in your joint support supplement, depending on what kind of joint problem you want support with:

Glucosamine: improve the health and strength of joint connective tissues

Chondroitin: an important component in cartilage health also used to reduce joint inflammation

MSM: a natural source of sulfur needed by the body for optimal connective tissue

Fish Oils and Omega's: Help to lubricate joints and reduce inflammation