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Ketologic Meal Replacement

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Ketologic Meal Replacement

All-natural KetoLogic™ Meal Replacement (MRP) is a convenient and delicious fuel source for anyone, including those on a low-carb or ketogenic diet. Jumpstart your day with a satiating KetoLogic MRP. 

  • Great Tasting
  • Promotes Fat Loss*
  • Supports Ketone Production University Studied
  • All-Natural -
  • No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavorings, or Colors

Mix 1 scoop with 6 – 8 oz. of water (adjust for taste preference). Shake well and consume slowly.  If you want some extra calories, and want to keep your macros accurate, mix with some heavy cream. Yummy! You’ll never crave a milkshake again, guaranteed! 

Please note that foods high in MCT can possibly cause gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort. Begin by taking 1⁄2 scoop until personal tolerance is reached

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