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18 Products

Multivitamins are the most widely used supplement in the world... and it's for a reason. If you wanted to give your body a sufficient amount of every single micronutrient that your body could possibly benefit from without taking any supplements, you would need a team of biochemists working full time for you. The key focus here is what you can potentially benefit from, not what your body "needs". These are two very different things but when your focus is on maximising your body's performance and getting the most out of your hard work you'll know that supplement nutrition is never about meeting the nutritional requirements of what the average everyday person needs.

As a general guideline there are 3 kinds of multi-vitamins:

Supermarket multivitamins: these are the multivitamins that you can buy anywhere at low cost. They are typically your 1 pill per day multivitamins that have a small supplementary dosage of the main micronutrients that the average person would want to make sure they were getting everyday.

Sports multivitamins: These are your mid-range multivitamins. Usually you will need to take about 3 pills per day. This is because they will have a much large range of micronutrients in much higher dosages than a supermarket multivitamin. You will notice dosages that greatly exceed RDI. This is because the stress the training puts on your body can greatly increase your body's ability to utilise much larger amounts of certain nutrients.

Premium multivitamins: These are the most comprehensive multivitamin products on the market. Often they can require taking 10+ pills per day and contain much more than just multivitamins, they are more like an all-in-one health superfood supplements. On top of vitamins and minerals they have joint support, antioxidants, liver cleansers, hormone support and even more.