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Muscle Coach Power Belt

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Muscle Coach Power Belt

Muscle Coach's Power Belt has been designed to cater for serious compeitive lifters. There's no denying that full width thick leather power belts are less comfortable to wear than thinner fitted leather belts, but equally there is no denying that power belts provide superior level of support to maxmise your weight lifting in the gym.


Key Benefits

Increase your max deadlift and squat

Reduce risk of injury

Increase core engagement during lifts

Stabilise your body and improve lifting form


Additional Info:

Weightlifting belts are used to provide critical support to your core during heavy lifting. Designed to increase the engagment of your core and abdomen muscles, weightlifting belts stabilize your entire midsection and reduce stress on lower back while promoting good posture in an upright position. For lifts that challenge core strength like the squat and dead lift, the belt helps support abdominals and obliques.

In overhead lifts, weightlifting belts help prevent back hyperextension by forming a rigid wall around the lower torso, connecting the rib cage to the hip. This not only limits back movement, but it also prevents sideward bending and twisting.

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