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Muscle Nation Destiny Fat Burner

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Muscle Nation Destiny Fat Burner


What is it?

DESTINY is the Fat-Burner of Muscle Nations new range of amazing supplements. DESTINY doesn't lack when it comes to quality and effectiveness! Absolutely jam packed with an amazing array of high quality, tested and proven ingredients, DESTINY is a sure fire product that will have everyone excited. 

How and when can i use it?

DESTINY is best taken twice per day to ensure key ingredients can do their thing all day long.

First scoop is best taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or at some point before midday if you’re a late riser. If you’re a morning training, this is a great way to energise and get set for the session ahead.

The second scoop should be taken some time after midday, but ideally no later than 6pm as the caffeine may disrupt sleep if taken too late in the evening. This second serve could serve as a pre workout kick for afternoon trainers, or an afternoon pick-me up to help you reset and focus for the back end of the day.

Who is it for? Benefits?

DESTINY has been formulated with an amazing blend of synergistic, patented ingredients that will not only increase your body's ability to burn fat, but also improve mental focus and clarity, providing great energy to get you through every day.
The fat burning formula used in DESTINY is amazingly complete, taking into account all pathways of potential fat loss to ensure your body is an efficient, complete, metabolically functioning, fat burning machine. All this makes it ideal for anyone looking for a fat burning product to increase fat burning capabilities, boost energy pre workout or simply as a daily driver to enhance focus, mood and productivity.

Overall review by Muscle Coach?

Muscle Nation have brought us another amazing product that's has been put together with great care and scientific backing. Full of effective and efficacious doses, DESTINY will leave you feeling sharp, with elevated mood, focus, energy and mental clarity. The fat burning capabilities are second to none, covering all pathways to fat loss with a great synergic blend of patented ingredients. If you're after an all in one fat burning product, that can provide both mental clarity and energy to match the brilliant fat burning capabilities, then DESTINY is the product for you!


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Product rating

Great tasting, I have the rainbow sherbet which is surprisingly great tasting, gave me energy through the day and for my workouts. Highly recommend.


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