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Muscle Nation Protein & Legacy Stack with FREE Tee

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#1 : Muscle Nation 100% Whey Protein Isolate
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#2 : Muscle Nation Legacy Pre Workout
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Muscle Nation Protein & Legacy Stack with FREE Tee


Muscle Nation are known for their high-quality products and their new 100% Whey Protein Isolate is certainly no exception as it is one of the purest and highest quality proteins available on the market. Containing high levels of protein along with added ingredients to maximise digestion and absorption, this WPI by Muscle Nation is pound for pound nothing but quality.  Muscle Nation has also addressed issues which are commonly experienced by many with sensitive stomachs and intolerances when taking protein. To combat these issues and ensure the protein is easily absorbed and free from side effects such a bloating and discomfort Muscle Nation have included key digestive and absorption ingredients, DigeZyme®️ and AstraGin®️. From endurance and strength athletes to the everyday gym-goer, this formula will help with recovery, strength and building lean muscle!

Key Factors:

  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains under 1% lactose
  • Added absorption ingredients


What is it?

LEGACY is Muscle Nations brand new Pre-Workout formula, which has been carefully formulated to create a strong and reliable pre-workout product that will push you to perform at your best. It's hard hitting, with great energy and great performance boosting benefits, all without any harsh stimulants that would tax your CNS or cause you to crash.

How and when can I use it?

We recommend taking LEGACY 20 minutes prior to your session to allow the ingredients to enter your bloodstream and start providing you with the benefits. A full serving is 2 scoops, so always best to start with 1-1.5 scoops first time around, just to test your tolerance. If you are more advanced or find you would like a bit more of a kick, go for that full 2 scoops serve and get ready to hit your session hard.


Who is it for? Benefits?

With such well dosed, synergistic ingredients, the benefits of LEGACY will be noticed immediately. Increased energy, great sense of focus and mood enhancement, along with increased muscle pump and muscle endurance during your sessions. This makes it ideal for anyone looking for great energy, pump, strength and performance boost pre-workout. Beginner or advanced, with a ‘2-scoop’ serve, LEGACY can be dosed according to experience and personal preference.

Overall review by Muscle Coach?

We absolutely love it! Muscle Nation have created a product that delivers everything it promises. With a great ingredient list, efficaciously dosed and well sourded forms of each and every ingredient used; Amazing taste in an awesome variety of flavours, topped off by the awesome feeling of energy, increased mood and focus felt every time you take it, what more could you ask for… LEGACY delivers. 


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