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Muscle Nation Three-D Pump Pre Workout

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Muscle Nation Three-D Pump Pre Workout

What is it?

THREE-D has got to be one of the most complete non-stimulant pre-workout formulas we have seen so far. It has been put together with extreme care and precision to deliver a pump increasing, performance enhancing and focus boosting, non-stimulant pre workout of very high quality.

How and when can I use it?

Being a non-stim pre workout, THREE-D is best taken about 20 minutes before your training sessions. Best taken with a nice big dose of water, just to help ensure you're hydrated going into the session, this hydration will help maximise the effects of the pump ingredients and maximise the results of the product.

Who is it for? Benefits?

THREE-D is great for anyone, whether you're using it to avoid caffeine but still achieve focus and boost workout performance, or you use it in addition to your current stimulant based pre-workout to enhance muscle pumps, THREE-D will work a treat. Being such a well dosed and complete formula, THREE-D will provide an array of benefits. Starting with muscle pump, you can expect very long lasting, extremely strong, skin splitting pumps. Increases in ATP production will improve force and strength output as well as overall power, boosting the effectiveness of your workouts. Great mood and focus comes from a great nootropic blend. The addition of nootropics mean we can have elevated mood, focus and overall sense of well being, helping you to tunnel into those workouts, stay motivated and focused for the toughest of sessions.

Overall review by Muscle Coach?

Muscle Nation have nailed THREE-D! The formula is loaded with great, well proven ingredients, dosed synergistically and in great amounts. Everything about THREE-D gets us excited, the extreme pumps, enhanced power and sharp metal focus, will ensure each workout is amazing, without the need of excessive caffeine. It’s got a big thumbs up from us!


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