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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA

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Optimum Nutrition's Latest and Greatest is now here! 

We all need a solid recovery after a big session, but sometimes the scoop of protein just won't cut it if you've been charging hard. This is why BCAA supplements have become so popular as of late. 


Before training, you want to boost energy and focus. Then there’s your post-workout protein shake to help kick-start recovery. In the gym, during your workout, BCAAs can help spare muscle tissue from breakdown and electrolytes can help support your performance during intense training. 


What's in it?

5g of high quality BCAAs to help kick-start protein synthesis with a blend of electrolytes, antioxidant Vitamin C, rhodiola, and Wellmune to support your intense workouts. With the Gold Standard of Intra Workouts you can stay in the game. 

This endurance supporting powder was formulated to be highly drinkable with light refreshing flavors to encourage steady sipping throughout extended training sessions. This is the new Gold Standard for intra-workout support. Stay in the game! 


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