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Our Story

Every Journey Begins With One Small Step

Ours began like many other stories you may have heard - in the small garage of a suburban house.

We were armed with 2 things:

1. A passion for health, fitness and supplementation

2. The realisation that there was a lack of businesses selling athletic and performance supplements in a way that was relevant and real for the everyday sports guy/girl.


Our Mission


"Our mission is to provide the mass market with the best athletic and performance supplements at the best price. To change people's lives for the better by partnering with them on their physical and athletic journey."


How We See The Supplement Industry Making Sales


• Through American online stores that always carry the hassle of high shipping costs, long wait times, or often losing your order all together because Australian Customs seized it (Australian Customs have arguably the strictest regulations in the world).

• Health Food Stores and Pharmacies selling sporting supplements that are generally overpriced, and your advice on 'lean gains' are being given to you by a 55 year old naturopath.

• Supermarkets that offer no advice whatsoever (which is vital for the young athlete) are selling the cheapest, nastiest products that we still refuse to offer to this day.

• Niche Supplement Stores focusing purely on body builders and gym junkies. You know the ones where you are served by a guy with tattoos on his face and veins as thick as your garden hoses on his forearms, who looks you up and down and then grunts at the nearest mass gainer before reaching under the counter to suggest the "real stuff".


How We Are Making A Difference To The Industry At Muscle Coach




It's simple - the best supplements at the best price. We made a decision right from the conception of our business that we would not stock products purely because they are popular in the mass market. We simply cannot bear to stock a product if we do not believe in it. Each single product has been researched and given the OK by our MC team before being offered to you. We like to hold brands accountable and make a promise that we will only sell it if we truly believe in its merits.




Walk into any Muscle Coach store and you will be offered FREE diet plans, training plans, and nutrition plans from people that live and breathe the reality of a pursuit for physical excellence in the gym and in the kitchen. They will take the time to understand your goals and offer real world solutions to your situation. Our website has one of the most comprehensive resource centres in Australia for diet plans, training plans, supplement plans and all the latest research into the world of performance and athletic supplements. Yes, it's all free.




The inspiration comes from our MC Team Members. You will quickly find that MC Team Members are not juiced up freaks, out to look big and mean and attack the heaviest weight in the gym while making sure that everyone notices. What will you find is down to earth dedicated fitness fanatics who live and breath their particular athletic pursuit and are more well versed on the application of sporting supplements than any other business in Australia, feel free to put us to the test. While you will find that pretty much every MC Team Member, from store members to online customer service members to senior management all spend quality time in the gym pumping weights, the manifestation of their discipline varies greatly. Currently we have MC Team Members who are top level basketball players, tennis players, arm wrestlers, figure and bodybuilder competitors, volleyball and rugby players and even table tennis players .... yes you heard right, Muscle Coach is very serious about it's table tennis just come to our head office to find out.


From our website, to our social media, to our retail stores we aim to provide a real world, down to earth experience of excellent customer service tailored to the everyday person like you and me who are serious about their health and their body. All correspondence will be returned quickly and courteously; we are here to help and above all.


"To change people's lives for the better by partnering with them on their physical and athletic journey."