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Power Performance Body Effects Fat Burner

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Power Performance Body Effects Fat Burner


Power Performance Body Effects is the stand out fat burning product that has filled the gap in the market left by the DMDA ban in the Australian market. Body Effects is a potent fat burner that works by greatly increasing your energy levels, heating up your body temperature and helping you control your appetite. Body Effects contains a unique ratio of extracts that work on your central nervous system that will increase your energy levels. However unlike many other products on the market, the energy increase is not just a big caffeine hit that will leave you feeling jittery. The energy increase is smooth and sustained.

Body Effects also contains other key fat burning compounds like green tea extract that has been found by studies to increase your metabolism by up to 10% just on its own! Furthermore Body Effects is a great tasting formula that won’t leave you dreading you pre-workout shake.



  • Jitter free energy increase
  • Speed metabolism
  • Increase fat burning


Power Performance Body Effects is a stand out product in the market of fat burning products tainted by the DMDA ban.

Directions for use:

Mix 1/2-1 scoop of Body Effects with 500ml of water and consume on an empty stomach. For best results consume before exercise and one other time of the day 6 hours apart.

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Product rating

I freaking love this product!!! I have tried so many other fat burners and nothing compares to Body effects...Go Mango Peach it is to die for :D

Stacey Lee

Best burner to lose weight but also just to keep thin! And even though Pomegranate sounds like a weird flavour, its soo good. Rate it!!

Issy H

Obsessed with the product! It is so yummy and works incredible! My husband calls it my go go juice as I'm instantly motivated and happy once I've had it


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