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Pre workout supplements are becoming increasingly popular due to their effectiveness in increasing physical performance and promoting a positive mental state. There are three main categories of pre workout supplements, stimulant free, nitric oxide boosters, and concentrated stimulant based.


Stimulant free Pre workout supplements are exactly that, they contain zero mental stimulants such as caffeine. Designed for those athletes who are sensitive to stimulants, this type of Pre Workout uses amino acids to promote performance in the gym. Common ingredients used are, Creatine for strength, Arginine for blood flow and pumps, beta-alanine to act as a lactic acid buffer, and many anti-catabolic amino acids to ensure you are in an anabolic state while you are training.


Nitric Oxide Boosting Pre Workout supplements are very similar to your stimulant free products, except they will usually include a small dose of mental stimulants to offer you that little extra kick. This type of Pre Workout does include the traditional creatine, arginine and beta-alanine, but you will also find a bit of caffeine and taurine to give you a holistic approach to an energy booster.


Concentrated Stimulant Pre Workout supplements are a newer type of product to enter the market. These products combine a unique blend of highly concentrated mental stimulants with a small dose of creatine, arginine and beta-alanine to deliver you an extremely powerful energy boost while you train. As you could imagine these are wildly popular as they give incredible motivation to train through elevated mood, heightened mental focus, and powerful energy levels that can last up to 4 hours long.


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