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RAW Maltodextrin 100% Pure Carbs

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Raw Maltodextrin is a high quality fast digesting carbohydrate powder that is ideal for post-workout recovery or weight gain. Maltodextrin as an ingredient is one of the most underrated supplements on the market. Everybody knows that you are supposed to take a protein supplement as soon as you finish your training session. However did you know that much of your protein can be wasted if you are not taking it with some kind of fast digesting carbohydrate source?



Maltodextrin for Post-Workout

When you finish your training session your body has been depleted of energy, especially if you are dieting on a calorie deficit. Therefore when you take your protein powder supplement post-workout your body will inevitably convert some of the protein into energy rather than using it to feed your muscles. This conversion of protein into energy is a process you want to avoid at all costs as it will greatly hinder your body's ability to feed your muscles with proper nutrition to recover and build muscle optimally.

However you can put a stop to all of this. Maltodextrin not only replenishes your body’s energy systems and stops protein powder being converted into energy but it also greatly increases your body’s protein uptake. This is because fast digesting carbohydrates spike your insulin which is the most anabolic hormone in the human body.

Remember, maltodextrin is more effective as spiking your insulin levels than many of the other carbohydrates that you will find in other supplements. Dextrose whilst a sugar is actually not absorbed by your body as quickly as maltodextrin, dextrose is a cheaper lower quality substitute for maltodextrin. Also waxy maize although sometimes marketed as a fast digesting carb is actually much closer to a medium GI carbohydrate.


But I’m Cutting, do I Still Need Maltodextrin?

Yes. Even professional natural bodybuilders who aim to reach extremely low body fat percentages fortheir competitions will only cut carbohydrates like maltodextrin out of their post-workout supplements two weeks before getting stage. For anybody that isn’t competing, it is highly unlikely that you are aiming for 4-5% body fat. Therefore you will benefit from constant maltodextrin supplementation. Maintaining muscle mass is critical to achieving the lean muscular physique that you want when you are cutting and therefore you cannot afford to neglect your post-workout nutrition. Fast digesting carbohydrates definitely will not be stored as fat when taken after training.


Maltodextrin as a Weight Gainer

Historically people looking to purchase weight gaining supplements will usually look to purchase a mass gainer that is some kind of blend of protein and carbohydrates. However does it really make sense to do it like this? We say no. When you have protein and carbohydrates in the same product you are limited to taking a pre-defined ratio of protein and carbohydrates when not only is everybody different, but everybody has different requirements at different times during the day.For example if you are taking your protein powder before bed you would never want supplement as many carbohydrates as what you need to take after a training session. However you simply don’t have the option to cut the carbs out when you have an all in one mass gainer. This will result in increased fat gains during your bulk rather than muscle gains. Furthermore it works out much cheaper to buy carbs and protein separately so you are winning no matter which way you look at it.



• Optimise post-workout protein absorption

• Refuel your body’s energy systems

• Fastest digesting carbohydrate

• Gives you control over your protein:carb ratio

• Much better value than typical weight gainers


Raw Maltodextrin is a no-brainer for anyone doing any kind of training as it has the capacity to greatly increase your body’s ability to perform, recover and build muscle size and strength.

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Product rating

great product i use this with WPC from the same brand and so far its been better than any mass gainer I've ever tried. using one scoop of each twice a day and so far I've bulked 5 KG in the first two weeks then 3 in the next two.

RAW fan

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