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Male Diet Plan Fat Loss 20-39

The Keto Diet Plan for Cutting and Fat Loss

Posted On Jul 24, 2013

The Keto diet also known as the Atkins diet is the high protein, high fat and low carb approach to fat loss.

Intermittent Fasting - The Busy Person's Fat Loss Diet

Posted On Jul 18, 2013

If eating regular meals throughout the day is not an option for you then intermittent fasting is what you have been searching...

The Paleo Diet Plan for Fat Loss

Posted On Jul 10, 2013

The Paleo diet is based on eating only food that were available and a part of the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. The...

A Bodybuilder's Competition Diet Program

Posted On May 6, 2013

You must take your hat off to bodybuilders who successfully maintain and complete their pre-competition diet and training...